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Incredible result… I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching even though at times it was a little emotional. I feel far more relaxed now and don't seem to be worrying about things in the same way. My self-esteem is healthier, too. I don't mean to sound shocked, but I can't believe that just four sessions made such a difference. Jane - TV Presenter



Industry-relevant advice… Lyn guided me through what was an intense and extremely well-structured session, helping me to look at a variety of topics related to what I believed were insurmountable problems in my current production. She gave me some great exercises and simple but powerful shifts in perspective. It was invaluable to have someone to talk to who understood the industry and the process. Together, Lyn and I achieved a huge amount in a short space of time and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone, especially to those involved in making a film as it could make all the difference at what is a crucial time. Zara - Writer/Director



Bright and positive… I was at a really low point when I first began the coaching; my relationship with my boyfriend was failing and I wasn't working. I was going downhill - fast. The coaching really put things in perspective for me and made me realize that change was possible. My relationship couldn't be better now and I truly feel that it’s a result of the coaching. I've also made some great work connections thanks to my new-found confidence. The sessions with Lyn were a bright and positive way to turn my life around.

Jessica - Actress



Safe Journey... Lyn is extraordinary. Her intuitive listening skills, lightness of touch and gentle, practical advice is transformational. Lyn provides unique, safe guidance because she takes you on a journey (that you create yourself) towards achieving your own goals. You adapt together, as new things come up before each session. It's also lots of fun.  Harriet - Actor

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With her incredible experience and empathetic approach, Lyn has had huge success helping everyone from directors, writers, actors, producers, DOPs and TV presenters.

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