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Lyn is the leading personal and business coach specialising in the film, entertainment and digital media industries.


For over 12 years, she has provided expert guidance and support to hundreds of people who have needed help to change career direction, move to the next level or to empower them to make important life decisions that they have been struggling with.


Coaching can help you establish and achieve both your personal and career goals. You may be feeling stuck in your career and need some guidance as to where to go next - and how to go about it. Perhaps you lack confidence and need some tips on how to boost your self-esteem.


Coaching should provide inspiration, guidance and support, helping you to increase your confidence and identify the strategies you need to develop in order to make the next move.


Through the coaching process, Lyn will draw out your potential, letting you develop self-confidence and awareness of your own abilities. You’ll have time to reflect on and analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Even just the process of talking to someone neutral can help enable you to move forwards.











What do coaching sessions cover?


All sessions are bespoke, meaning that Lyn can tailor them to meet your needs. They will typically include a mixture of the following:


•   Assessing where you are now and where you want to be

•   What motivates you

•   Where you need to focus

•   Confidence building

•   Networking tips

•   Keeping you accountable

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Personal coaching:


•   Relationships

•   Personal fulfilment

•   Life balance

•   Confidence/self-esteem

Career development coaching:


•   Career direction/choice

•   Career fulfilment

•   Life balance

•   Confidence/self-esteem

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